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Dr. Casey Reason is the author of eight books with over two decades of experience as a keynote speaker, trainer and innovator in leadership, PLC implementation, and digital learning. He’s been developing, designing, and delivering learning at a distance since 2001 and is the inaugural chair of Grand Canyon University’s first fully online doctoral degree program. His awards in distance learning include the 2020 Distinguished Online Faculty of the Year for Perdoreo Education Corp, the 2018 International Distance Education Accrediting Commission Annual Rising Star Award, the Blackboard International Exemplary Digital Course Designer of the Year award, and finalist for the Online Educator of the Year with Colorado Tech University. Casey is a former English Teacher, urban high school principal and assistant superintendent. A hiking, wellness, and exercise enthusiast, Dr. Reason lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his twin sons Brice and Kiah


Lisa Reason, PhD, has been teaching and designing digital graduate curricula for more than fifteen years. She successfully led the development of numerous online Masters’ and Doctoral programs and is widely recognized as an expert in online learning.
Dr. Reason is a co-author of Creating the Anywhere Anytime Classroom: A Blueprint for Learning Online in Grades K-12 that provides extensive research-based guidance and tips for teaching in blended and online settings. She also authored a research article on cyberbullying which was featured in the peer-reviewed journal The Qualitative Report. She has also been a featured presenter at many scholarly and practitioner-based conferences and has chaired numerous dissertations and research initiatives on topics related to digital learning, instructional practice, leadership, and school reform. She has also created uniquely innovative digital training and induction solutions for educators new to the profession.
She was also the recipient of three doctoral honorariums for distinguished faculty, mentoring, and outstanding instructional practice by Grand Canyon University, and four separate awards and honorariums from Capella University for excellence in scholarship and significant contribution to online professional practice. She was recently nominated by multiple students for the Distinguished Faculty Award at Colorado Technical University.
Dr. Reason earned her MEd in education administration from Bowling Green State University and her PhD in leadership for K–12 programs from Capella University. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her sons Brice and Kiah.

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Crystal Guiler has been a leader in K12 digital learning for over ten years. Her roles have included facilitator, coach, district administrator, curriculum specialist, virtual learning project manager, curriculum manager, curriculum director, CAO, and CEO. She has developed over 70 higher education and K-12 digital courses and has supervised the development of hundreds of additional digital training solutions.